dlx lxc image

dlx lxc image

dlx lxc image

Manage images


Description: Manage images

In LXD instances are created from images. Those images were themselves either generated from an existing instance or downloaded from an image server.

When using remote images, LXD will automatically cache images for you and remove them upon expiration.

The image unique identifier is the hash (sha-256) of its representation as a compressed tarball (or for split images, the concatenation of the metadata and rootfs tarballs).

Images can be referenced by their full hash, shortest unique partial hash or alias name (if one is set).

dlx lxc image [flags]

Options inherited from parent commands

      --debug         Show all debug messages
      --force-local   Force using the local unix socket
  -h, --help          Print help
      --project       Override the source project
  -q, --quiet         Don't show progress information
  -v, --verbose       Show all information messages
      --version       Print version number