Rapid Development Environments

DLX is a helper for LXD to rapidly provision development environments on your own hardware.

Get started

Open-source MIT Licensed. GitHub

Lightning Fast ⚡️

Provision a new development environment for your project in less than 5 seconds.

Your World, Your Rules

DLX is infinitely customizable because you create the base image. Use your tools, your way.

Cattle And Pets

Spin up a temporary development container to test a theory or explore a new tool. Use DLX to create long-lived containers to run services on your network too. How about a k3s cluster in 15 seconds?

Works Anywhere

The DLX client runs on macOS, Linux, and Windows. Provision your containers from where you want to work, access them anywhere on your network.

Battle Tested

DLX is a wrapper for LXD, a battle tested container manager.

No Limitations

Your containers work like virtual machines. Use systemd, install mysql, use Docker.